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1) Why don't you have a full range of colours?

We stock colours that fit with our branding in which the core colours are pink, blue and grey.  We are also able to offer the best prices by storing a limited range of colours as this reduces the complexity of our supply chain.  Instead we have focused on providing all weight and length options for the RX ropes which we feel are the most important to workout goals. We are also aiming to provide a broad spectrum of ropes for all workout objectives before we expand colour ranges too much.  This again will allow us to cater for the fitness goals first!

2) Which jump rope is right for me?

Please refer to our Jump Rope Product Guide which should help you choose a rope based on your workout objective and budget. 

Email us at jump@doperopes.co.uk if you have any further questions!

3) If buying an RX jump rope, which cable weight and length should I get?

If you are getting one of the RX ropes then you have to choose your cable length and weight. Please refer to the RX sizing guide for lengths and cable weights here. This is also useful to review for sizing any of our adjustable ropes as well as it discusses some general principles.

You may also find our Jump Rope Product Guide useful which provides a general overview of the ropes we have on offer. 

Email us at jump@doperopes.co.uk if you have any further questions!

4) Are you going to stock any other products or other jump ropes?

We are planning on launching some new ropes and products in the future. If you have a particular request, please email us at jump@doperopes.co.uk.  If we get a lot of requests for something, we will make that more of a priority. 

Follow us on instagram @dope_ropes to hear about new releases. 

5) Are there any promos or discount codes? 

Yes we do offer discounts from time to time. These will be on our website banner and announced on Instagram @dope_ropes.

6) Where is my order?

We dispatch orders with the aim of same or next day dispatch.  If you ordered tracking, you can see where your order is using the tracking number. If you selected standard non tracked then we have a proof of delivery only.  Royal Mail advise to wait 10 working days before declaring items lost. At this point we will send you a replacement item.  At the current time, there are postal delays due to COVID-19 meaning that your order will likely take longer.  So we ask for patience at this time.  See our shipping page here for more information.

7) Any tips on how to get started and rope care?

Yes, refer to our instructions and care page.  We provide some basic jump rope form advice as well as best ways to store and care for your rope. 

8) Why should I buy from you?

We are one of the only UK companies to stock the likes of RX Smart Gear and Elite SRS, two of the top US jump rope companies.

We offer the most competitively priced bundles for RX Smart Gear jump ropes and ship from the UK which means there are no hidden taxes or customs charges which are applied to higher value goods from outside of the EU. We also have stock availability that covers a wide range of length and weight options which many other stockists lack.

As a jump rope enthusiast, I jump rope regularly and so keep in touch with all the latest products, tips and tricks which I want to pass on to you guys! I also use all the products I sell and so I know how each rope can help for a certain workout objective or experience level. 

We are also a small family business that are focused solely on jump ropes and jump rope accessories. So we believe that we are one of the only specialist stores in the UK for skipping and jump rope.