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As we have lots of jump ropes on offer, we have created this quick guide with highlight points for each rope to enable you to find the best jump rope for your fitness goals!

1) The Dope Rope - Cardio Fitness Jump Rope and Dope Rope 2.0

Primary use General Cardio fitness / Boxers / Beginners 

Benefits - Affordable price point makes this a great option if you are on a budget or simply want to try skipping for the first time. 5mm PVC cable with great feedback and feel to help learn technique and for a good workout intensity. Overall, a great all round jump rope for cardio as well as tricks.

Other notable points - Easy to transport and carry around with you so great for workouts on the go! This rope wears a bit better on harsh surface types/outside so no gym required!

2) Elite SRS Boxer's Training Rope

Primary use - General Cardio fitness / Boxers / DUs & speed steps

Benefits - Features unbreakable 5.5" plastic polymer handles and an ultra-durable 5mm PVC jump rope cord which is designed for longevity on rough indoor and outdoor surfaces.  Great feel and feedback from the cable giving a decent workout as well as better form and timing during the learning phase. 90 degree angle of handle to cable gives the user more speed! This makes it more conducive to speed steps and double unders.

Other notable points - easy to adjust length with self adjusting mechanism. A new dowel for a smoother spin and speed. This rope wears a bit better on harsh surface types/outside so no gym required! More premium and speedier cardio option.

3) Elite SRS Pro Freestyle Rope

Primary use - Freestyle Competition / Tricks / General Fitness

Benefits - The longer handle enables jumpers to reach farther while doing crossing moves, allowing intricate moves to be done with greater ease. The lighter cable also makes tricks easier.  4mm durable PVC cord and unbreakable handles. The lighter cable also allows the jumper to do great speed work after becoming more proficient at jumping. 

Other notable points - grip tape around handles. Can be easily lengthened or shortened. This rope wears a bit better on harsh surface types/outside so no gym required!

4) Dope Ropes Signature Beaded Rope

Primary use - Best Beginners Jump Rope / learning tricks and releases / learning proper form / best for outdoor use 

Benefits - One of my personal favourites and a rope that experts recommend for learning correct jump rope form and technique, setting you up the right way for learning tricks and freestyle jumping.

Other notable points - Feedback from weight of the beads. No kinking and more durable than PVC ropes making them a good option for outdoor/harsh surface use. Short handles promote correct hand positioning. Unbreakable plastic handles!

5) Dope Ropes Heavy Beaded Fitness Rope

Primary use - Fitness / Increased Intensity / 0.5 lb rope / weighted

Benefits - Ideal for fitness jumping as the extra weight provides a more intense workout.

Other notable points - Long handles with grip tape and unbreakable plastic.  Durable 5mm PVC cord protected by thick plastic 2 inch beads. 

6) RX Smartgear Original RX Jump Rope

Primary use - CrossFit and double unders (perfect for CrossFit beginners!) 

Benefits - perfect for learning and training double unders.  This is really the only CrossFit rope that has heavier cable weight options as well as lighter weights.  This is important when learning DUs as you need to start heavier to get enough feedback (with a buff or elite cable) in order to learn proper technique and timing.  Then you can move to lighter cables once you improve to further increase you speed and efficiency. The only option for DU/CrossFit beginners in our opinion!

Other notable points - The grip tape and contoured handles make this the best option for longer sets as your grip is far less likely to slip. Most other speed ropes are metallic and can get slippy when you sweat. This is also a chunkier handle option for users that prefer that. Made in the USA.  Official jump rope of USA boxing / USA wrestling

7) Elite SRS Bullet Comp

Primary use - CrossFit and double unders / Speed Jumping 

Benefits - super fast and light and considered to be the world's fastest jump rope. 

Other notable points - The double steel ball bearings and unique handle head design produce a lightning fast, almost frictionless spin. Self-adjusting head means cable resizing and replacing is ultra quick and doesn’t require the use of a screwdriver.  The contoured 5.5″ aluminium handles produce a more ergonomic grip than typical flat grips. Also handles are not too light or heavy for better balance and feel.

8) Elite SRS Surge 3.0

Primary use - CrossFit and double unders / Speed Jumping 

Benefits - the flagship jump rope from one of the biggest jump rope brands that is widely used in competition speed jumping. It features lightweight aluminium handles with foam covers and a patented double ball bearing that makes for a very smooth spin.

Other notable points - The handles are neither on the light or heavy side, the made in USA cables are top quality and very durable. Has a mid tier price point. Has a screwdriver hidden inside the bottom of the handle! 

9) Dope Ropes DU Speed Rope

Primary use - CrossFit and double unders

Benefits - fast and light.  A more affordable option for intermediate and advanced jumpers that want a solid performing rope during DU sets. 

Other notable points - Knurling on aluminium handles to aid grip.  Handles are a bit chunkier than other speed ropes which some people prefer (but others may not!) 

10) RX Smartgear - EVO Speed Rope

Primary use - CrossFit and double unders / Speed Jumping 

Benefits - Another contender for fastest rope on the planet! Balanced handle weight (not too heavy or light), thin and fast bare metal cables but can take heavier cables as well if desired, patent pending high tolerance, frictionless, dual-swivel bearing system.

Other notable points - traction bands aid grip. 100% made in the USA.

 11) 1.3lb Heavy Muay Thai Rope 2.0

Primary use - adding increased resistance to workouts for increased intensity and heavier burn. 

Benefits - Quicker cardio workouts. Build forearm and hand strength. Engaging should/arm/core/back muscles that don't normally get a workout while jumping rope. 

Other notable points - NEW upgraded handles include dual-ball bearings for smoother spin. This also fixes an issue with the cord rubbing and wearing at the handle.