Original RX Jump Rope Bag

Original RX Jump Rope Bag

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Official RX Smart Gear jump rope bag for the Original Rx Jump Rope!

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Shane Hilley
Helped me get consistent Double Unders

Before getting this rope, I had a speed rope and could get maybe 1/2 double unders before I would fail, then tried one of the RX ropes in my Crossfit Affiliated Gym and found that I was able to get a few more because I could actually tell where the rope is! 4 weeks later and I can smash out 25-30 dubs with ease! I would highly recommend buying this rope, it may be £50/£60 but absolutely worth it when you smash dubs in a wod and can be endlessly smug about it, the whips really hurt though so be careful of that (helps if you enjoy being whipped though)

David L.
Original RX Smart Gear Cable

I've being trying to skip for several years, just single unders, but always struggled to get more than 6 or 7 reps if that. Tried 2 different ropes, made no difference. A guy at the gym has an Original RX Smart Gear Cable and said to give it a try. First attempt with it I smashed out 30 reps which for me is a PB by miles. Must be the rope. So I invested in one for myself and now regularly doing over 20 reps at a time. It just feels better and I am improving all the time. So I would definitely recommend this rope.

Graham Whyte

Original RX Smart Gear Cable - Blue


Just fantastic- fingers groves really help.


Fantastic rope - has really helped be master double under .... weights is perfect for new crossfitters ..