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Dope Ropes Heavy Beaded Fitness Rope
Dope Ropes Heavy Beaded Fitness Rope

Dope Ropes Heavy Beaded Fitness Rope

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Recommended for higher intensity workouts!

Weighing just under 1/2 lb, this is a heavy variant of a beaded rope with thicker beads and thick PVC cable core.  This ropes adds additional weight to traditional 5mm cable ropes and beaded ropes. Ideal for fitness jumping as the extra weight provides a more intense workout. 


  • Cord length - 10ft (adjustable to any height)
  • 2 inch heavy beads - 7 mm inner diameter and 10mm outer diameter
  • High quality shatter proof plastic beads. Hand beaded in the USA
  • Circa 200g in weight (just under 1/2 pound!)
  • 8" Long handles: Good for adults and freestyle. Unbreakable low-density polyethylene 8" handle (low profile grip tape optional) / 1oz weight (each handle) / .9" diameter at end. These handles also come with a lifetime guarantee! We are so confident in our handles that if they break, we will replace them one time for free!

(Note - the 5mm PVC core of this rope is usually black or white (this can't be selected and varies depending on stock levels)


The beaded rope is 10 foot long but can be adjusted to any height. Refer to our sizing guide for general sizing principles.  We actually recommend shortening a few inches more than you are comfortable with as this will allow you to learn a stricter jump rope form and hand positioning which will make things a bit harder initially but easier in the long run.  To adjust, simply untie the knot holding the nylon cord in place, remove as many beads as you need and then retie the knot to hold in place. Cut off any excess cord. See this video from the our suppliers Buyjumpropes.net which demonstrates adjusting length:


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Awesome 1/2 lb beaded rope

A great rope, feels well built & balanced, helping to enable resistance training, speed & tricks. Great advise from Keon, thanks, & fast delivery too. Cheers


Good quality and I got a lovely new mask. Well packed and arrived quickly

5 stars



The beaded rope is my 5th jump rope now and is a great rope for me to feel its position in learning new rope tricks. Its super easy to adjust once I checked out the youtube video.

Very pleased

The weight of this rope helps me control the speed and anticipate its movement. Thanks to Keon for his rapid and kind responses to my emails!