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Replacement Cables for Dope Ropes and Elite SRS Jump ropes
Replacement Cables for Dope Ropes and Elite SRS Jump ropes

Replacement Cables for Dope Ropes and Elite SRS Jump ropes

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Replacement cables for our Dope Ropes Cardio 2.0 as well as the Elite SRS Boxer training rope, Pro Freestyle, Bullet Comp and Surge 3.0. Options are as follows:

  • 5mm PVC cable with cord ends - For Cardio 2.0, Boxer training and Pro Freestyle
  • 4mm PVC cable with cord ends - For Cardio 2.0 and Pro Freestyle
  • 3/32 inch wire coated speed cable - For Bullet Comp and Surge 3.0

Replacement cables are currently only available in blue

(Note - the 5mm PVC can be used with the original Dope Ropes Cardio Rope handles, however it is not the same dark blue colour! People tend to just buy a fresh rope with handles as the price point is low!)

More info on each cable type: 

  • 5mm PVC - 10ft PVC with a string core. The string running through the PVC cord will keep it from snapping, especially outdoors in cold weather. String also keeps the rope from "stretching" when spin force is applied (particularly during double unders), which helps for a more consistent jump. 5mm has more weight and feedback so is better for beginners and fitness.
  • 4mm PVC - same spec as 5mm but thinner and lighter. This is more generally used on the freestyle ropes for increased speed as well as for executing tricks with greater ease. 
  • 3/32" (2.4mm) standard nylon coated wire cable. This 3/32" nylon coated cable is the most popular cable for Elite SRS speed cable ropes. Compatible with the Elite SRS Bullet Comp and Elite SRS Surge 3.0.  Kink resistant jump rope cable comes at a generous 10 foot length. 


All cables are 10 foot. One size fits most (will fit anybody up to 6' 6" tall). Resize for your purposes and height, cut off the excess cord after adjusting the cord.  See instructions for resizing.


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